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  1. Occupational medicine

What is occupational medicine?

  • it is part of the professional risk management
  • it takes the action of three factors:

Health at your work place: Employer-employee-MEDO

The purpose of an occupational medicine service is:

  • evaluates the employee’s health state in relation with his function and the work environment
  • it gives consultancy to employers regarding professional risk factors and the ways of preventing them.
  • archives and manages medical files
  • keep contact with the control bodies of the state

How it’s done?

  • medical examinations for each firm’s activities
  • mandatory examinations:
    • medical examination for hiring, after you change a job or when you need to readapt to extra risk factors
    • periodic medical examination
  • preventive activities through counseling and medical education

The benefits of the occupational medicine examinations are:

From the employer’s point of view:

  • evaluating the risk of professional sickening
  • evaluating if the health of the employee is damaged by the professional risk factors as: work environment, microclimate, the work the employee has done.

From the employee’s point of view:

  • medical examinations that will determine the health of the employee when he was hired and his evolution at the work place.

The employer and the employee are both informed with the evaluations from the medical fitness for work certificate.

The advantages of an occupational medicine service:


  • the need for safety for both the employer and the employee
  • the interest for work


  • the reduction of cost for medical leaves


  • work accidents
  • sickening
  • prophylaxis


  • obeying the legal provisions in the field

The strategy of the professional risk evaluation involves:

  • the health evaluation for employees that is efficient in keeping the professional health and the good management of the business

 Why occupational medicine is a profitable investment?

  • The successful companies have good care for the health of their employees because when they are healthy they will be less absent from work, they will be more motivated and more committed to the job.
  • As a bonus, the occupational medicine service costs less than a leave or a extra payment
  • The cheapest work force is the healthy one!

The right man at the right spot

  • through the first hiring medical exam MEDO determines the employee’s skills in relation with the activities of the job
  • through periodical medical examinations the eventual health problems can be traced.

For your employees, MEDO:

  • prevents work accidents and professional sickening
  • evaluates and solves current health problems that your employees can have.



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