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MEDO offers you the possibility to do DNA paternity and relationship tests using DNA samples.

MEDO is the exclusive partner of DDC DNA Diagnostics Center from the United States of America, which is the world leader in this field and works with partners like FBI and Discovery

Your DNA samples are analyzed using the latest devices and technology in this field.

The procedure that involves gathering the DNA samples is not painful and you can do it yourself, just by rubbing a mouth swab against the inside of your cheeks. Another advantage of this paternity test is that the age of the person that’s taking this test doesn’t matter.

The result obtained after having the DNA paternity test is very accurate, because our laboratory investigates up to 23 DNA regions, this assuring 99.9999% accuracy.

The test result is ready in 15 days at the best price on the market!!

MEDO gives personalized counseling to the clients, based on their problems or demands. We have the possibility to make extra judicial expertise to determine the degree of kinship if you have a parental, maternity or inheritance trial. These expertises can be determined for any degree of kinship.  

MEDO is a registered company to “The National Supervisory Authority For Personal Data Processing” so we guarantee the privacy of the data you supply us.

Find out more about our DNA paternity testing services from here or go to this website

To order tests please call us at: 0040.722.60.58.91. For more information please write us at:, and our doctors and specialists will contact you.

DNA Centre

DNA Centre

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