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Prof. Dr. Li Hong

Prof. Dr. Li Hong

A new Chinese professor specialized in acupuncture is at Brasov to continue the project that we started with Professor Xiao Dehua. Professor Li Hong is one of the 23 Chinese doctors specialized in Zendao acupuncture.

Zhendao therapy is a new method that combines the knowledge of today’s latest advance in medicine, traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture. This therapy has won over the years many prizes recognized all over the world.

The Zendao therapy is extremely benefic in bone and articulation diseases, in post trauma attacks, in treating anxiety, depression and panic attacks. Also it can treat metabolic discrepancies, obesity or dysfunctional reproductive organs.

Currently we have over 5000 patients that were treated successfully at our clinic.

Appointments can be made at our clinic in 8A, Cicoarei Street, or by phone at 0268.412.421.



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