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Specially built for you!

MEDO has created for you MEDOcard system, which guarantees:

  • priority
  • exclusivity
  • service quality
  • promptitude
  • services built especially for you

If you own a MEDOcard you become a special client with:

  • nonstop available medical services
  • modern and safe equipment
  • keeping an eye on your health problems until we solve them
  • a warm and friendly atmosphere
  • explains for your treatments
  • home consults and sampling
  • specialty consults at our clinic
  • divers medical services: laboratory tests, ultrasound scans, EKG, endoscopy, laser therapy, physiotherapy
  • national and international wide services

MEDOcard for companies and employees

MEDO – provides companies medical services according to the needs of employers (specific counseling, occupational medicine) with the possibility of integration of special facilities for individual employees.

Facilities common to all subscriptions: 10% off subscription price for the customers that subscribe to our family medicine practice.

  You can benefit from the following MEDOcards:


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