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MEDO’s laboratory is accredited by the National Health Insurance Fund, by RENAR, but also internationally. We make laboratory test at our clinic but also at the patient’s home. The laboratory covers over 200 tests, and the ultra selective analysis could be sent to university laboratories from around the world.

The tests include:

  • hematology
  • biochemistry
  • electrophoresis
  • microbiology
  • allergology
  • toxicology
  • cytology
  • immunology

Here you can download the list of our laboratory tests.

In order for you to benefit with discounted laboratory test you must fulfill the following demands: your certificate from your family doctor must be in 2 copies (white and pink) and it must have:

  • the first and last name of the patient in capitals and the ID number
  • the document that proves you are ensured (pension or work certificate)
  • the contract number of the National Health Insurance Fund
  • the name and the seal number of your family physician
  • your diagnose
  • the tests will be discounted in the limit of our funds from the National Health Insurance Fund

You can come for these tests from Monday to Friday between 7:30 AM and 19:00 PM or Saturday between 8:00 and 12:00 PM

MEDO reserves the right to make test laboratories with full fee when the funds from the National Health Insurance Fund are completed.

In order for us to grow the quality of our services, we are making this survey because we care for our patients opinions. We would be grateful if you can answer a few questions. Click here to access the form.

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