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Family medicine registration

If you want to become a patient in our family medicine practice you just need to bring the following documents:

  • a copy of your ID or a copy of the birth certificate if you register children
  • documents that state that you are ensured with the National Health Insurance Fund:
  • certificate of employment
  • certificate of study
  • other documents that state that you are ensured without the payment of the monthly contribution (see Health Insurance Fund site) if needed.
  • your medical records from the family doctor you are transferring (it can be required after you complete the registration)

We need to add the fact that a patient must stay on a family doctor‘s list at least 6 months.

If you are not ensured with the National Health Insurance Fund you can register with us and benefit with the minimal package of medical services. Also, you can benefit with other medical services for a fee.

MEDO medical center is the only center where you can benefit with assistance in primary medicine nonstop, also offering medical services discounted by the National Health Insurance Fund for:


In order to increase the quality of our services and to keep in mind the opinions of our patients, we are making this survey. We would be grateful if you would support us by answering a couple of questions. Click here to access the form.

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