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Nursing at home

Nursing at home is relatively new in Romania. The medical attendance system offered by MEDO is unique due to the fact that:

° Disposes of surveillance and monitoring center.
 ° Has its own transport service with medical endowment.
 ° Uses the best medical team.
 ° With the help of the well-known specialists, MEDO assures medical attendance at home.
 ° The patients can be transported to different Medical Centers for special investigations or hospitalization, if necessary
   ° has advanced logistics which can be used within the nursing programs 
   ° the management is assured by the Physicians.

“If you do not have the time, the qualification and the required equipment…”
… we will answer your questions taking into consideration our experience and professionalism:

For whom?

· Any person benefiting from medical treatment / recuperatory treatment (therapeutic exercises, massage)
 · Any patient with special problems, elderly people, people who are preoperatively or postoperatively immobilized or who are in terminal stages of different diseases.


· 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


· Physicians, Registered Nurses, Nurses
 · Physicians – coordinators.


· At the patient’s home
 · In hospitals
 · In hotels
 · During medical transport.


· By using the Patients Surveillance and Monitoring Center
 · By applying strict and personalized nursing programs
  · By establishing a permanent connection between: PATIENT – NURSING DISPATCH – MEDICAL CENTER- AMBULANCE DISPATCH –

What with?

· Hospital microclimate – Oxygen generator, wheelchairs, pulse-oxy-meters, electrocardiograph, echocardiography, anti-bedsore equipment, perfusion holder, chair for transfer, equipment for fractures immobilization, aerosols nebulizers, medical kits, drugs, kits for different bandages. Own medical transport – ambulances.


· For improving the health condition, the patient’s comfort and the fast reintegration within the family or social environment.

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