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“Our doctors have only one concern: your health”

The family practice service is a new and modern one, organized and equipped by the European standards.

Patients may subscribe on a family physician list by closing a service contract with MEDO. After this the patients benefit with the whole range of services offered by MEDO Medical Center, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Family practice assures an effective management of the patient’s medical problems, from preventing a simple flu to treating chronic diseases, with an appointment or without it in case of an emergency.

Our only commitment was to create a family practice service in which the interest for the patient is the most important, and in which we can solve any health problem that does not require hospitalization. Approximately 80 to 85% of our patient’s health problems can be solved in our clinic with maximum safety, comfort and satisfaction.

The family physician represents the one who is and needs to be watching the patient’s health, the one who manages the medical information of the patient, helping him orientate through the medical system.

In this medical service patients really feel like family because there is a permanent improvement of communication which is seen especially in the therapeutic results. The patient participates in making the best decisions, assisted by well trained physicians who have at their side the technology and the facilities of our medical center.

Communicating with our patients is made through modern ways like email, telephone, MEDO newsletter.

Our medical activity is based on practice guides that stand on the medical center’s protocol.

At MEDO our patients really feel like in a family. For us every patient is special.

The family doctors working in our Family Medicine Centre are:

  • Radu Mitrea, Senior specialist in Family Medicine
  • Nicoleta Tiganea, specialist in Family Medicine
  • Eugenia Gutiu, general practitioner
  • Dr. med. Iulia Gontia, specialist in Family Medicine


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