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“We Bring Health Care to your Home”

Medical assistance at your home:

  1. Ambulance/medical evacuations;
  2.  Consulting;
  3. Home nursing.

MEDO was the first home medical attendance center in Brasov (Home doctors). Nowadays home consulting is available at the phone number 0268/966, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Home consulting is available even on weekend and holydays.

We provide specialist consult, blood collection or special investigations like EKG, ECHO at your home.

MEDO’s auto park has big ambulances (B1 and B2 type) and small cars for consulting.

Medo ambulances

For your safety and comfort MEDO offers you home medical attendance services. These services are non-stop and are made by General Medicine Physicians and Pediatric specialists. Our ambulances and medical transportations units are available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Also MEDO ensures medical services in the major cities of the country.

What are your advantages for using our services? 

  • you do not depend on one doctor, that is not always available for you
  • continuity offered through our informational system, your medical history is stored in our database and can always be accessed when needed
  • non-stop dispatch number (0268) 966
  • just a simple phone call and the on-duty doctor will come at any hour in any day
  • you can call MEDO for any of this services: medical consultation, specialized investigations, treatments and drug prescription, taking blood samples for analysis
  • you can benefit from home nursing services
  • specialized medical investigations like echography, Ecg, spirometry, audiometry
  • medical transportation by ambulance which is equipped with a doctor and a nurse
  • the possibility of obtaining a marriage, death, or unemployment medical certificate
  • the possibility of making a personal MEDO card
  • the patients who have MEDO cards have priority for appointments, have discounts and access to the national private network MEDNET 
  • the possibility of obtaining a personal medical subscription

MEDO doesn’t assure Emergency Healthcare Services

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