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For MEDO the evolution strategy was based, from the beginning, on family medicine. MEDO was born in 1994 with only 4 general physicians, a mobile phone, a medical bag and a lot of soul.

In time we spread our activity covering all the first needs of our patients. Our principle was that all the patients that come to us must solve the majority of their medical problems.

Nowadays MEDO offers through the family medicine practice essential medical services, but also extended and additional medical services that are most common found in family medicine.

Essential medical services:

  • first needed interventions in surgical emergencies
  • assistance for acute diseases
  • monitoring chronic diseases: active medical surveillance, treatment, coordinating periodical evaluations that the specialty doctors do
  • preventive medical services: immunizations, monitoring pregnancy and confinement, active medical surveillance

Extended medical services:

  • counseling
  • family planning
  • surgery procedures
  • medical and social serviced: home nursing

Additional services:

Maneuvers and learned techniques, certificates by certified complementary studies that require special equipment.

Nowadays MEDO has 28 physicians, hired or collaborating, 10 general nurses, a modern clinic that is equipped to the highest standards, ambulances and a laboratory for medical tests. MEDO has over 10.000 patients and 286 firms for occupational medicine.

Not only we make consults at our clinic or at your home, but we also have a home nursing service for patients that have special health problems or are confined to bed.

From the second half of the year 2011 MEDO started the first Medical Permanent Center (out-of-hour services) together with the National Health Insurance Fund and the Public Health District Authority.

To complete all these, the patients that ask for our primary medical services can also benefit from our specialty services or with our laboratory tests.


Medo services
Medo services


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