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We are a medical center opened in 1994 that has a mission which is “creating a modern and divers medical system, with high standards in materials, logistics and staff, in order to satisfy the needs and requests of all our patients”. The values that MEDO relies on in completing this mission are:

  • Focusing on the patients;
  •  Responsibility;
  • Performance;
  • Pragmatism;
  • Respect;
  • Integrity;
  • Loyalty;
  • Creativity.

All these values are sustained in words but also in practice in over 17 years of experience.

From the moment when MEDO first started its mission we have put great efforts in order to always be first:

  1. First mobile phone in the country exclusively for medical services- 1994;
  2. First private services for home medical attendance, non-stop-1994
  3. First private services for occupational practice in Brasov-1995
  4. First private services for home nursing-1995
  5. First medical site with the .ro termination-1995
  6. First medical company in the area of life insurance-1996
  7. First private medical dispatch, phone number 0268/966-1998
  8. First private ambulance in Brasov-2001
  9. First and only medical center from Brasov with medical services focused on the custumer-2001
  10. First medical card in Brasov- MEDOcard-2001
  11. First and only medical center in Europe where Zhendao acupuncture is practiced by a specialized Chinese professor-2009
  12. First and only partner in Romania of DNA Solutions-2010
  13. First and only medical center that is opened permanently in Brasov-2011
  14. First medical center in Brasov that is partner with Lyoness-2011
  15. The QEC Ltd Great Britain certification of the integrated management system.

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