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  • Consultations at home

    „We Bring Health Care at your Home”

    MEDO services are available 24h of 24h - patients can
    seek care at any time - even on weekends or holidays.
  • Center of permanency

    „Day and night we care for your health”

    MEDO Centre ensure continuity of services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Family Medicine Practice

    „Our doctors have only one concern: your health”

    MEDO guarantee an efficient management of patient problems,
    from prevention to monitoring of chronic diseases,
    by appointment or emergency call.
  • Clinical Laboratory

    „Medical Tests You Need”

    MEDO offers the best conditions to investigate your
    health in yhe context of our advanced technology Lab,
    high professionalism and many years of the staff experience.
  • Special Medical Consultations

    „Integrated Health Care”

    MEDO patients benefit from our well equipped
    Consulting Rooms and will find our staff sympathetic and helpful.

Medical Clinic MEDO Brașov - 24/7 access to health


Family Medicine Services 24/7

The family practice service is a new and modern one, organized and equipped by the European standards. Patients may subscribe on a family physician list by closing a service contract with MEDO. After this the patients benefit with the whole range of services offered by MEDO Medical Center, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Family practice assures an effective management of the patient’s medical problems, from preventing a simple flu to treating chronic diseases …

Paternity and DNA tests

MEDO offers you the possibility to do DNA paternity and relationship tests using DNA samples. MEDO is the exclusive partner of DDC DNA Diagnostics Center from the United States of America, which is the world leader in this field and works with partners like FBI and Discovery. Your DNA samples are analyzed using the latest devices and technology in this field. The procedure that involves gathering the DNA samples is not …

Chinese Medicine

A new Chinese professor specialized in acupuncture is at Brasov to continue the project that we started with Professor Xiao Dehua. Professor Li Hong is one of the 23 Chinese doctors specialized in Zendao acupuncture. Zhendao therapy is a new method that combines the knowledge of today’s latest advance in medicine, traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture. This therapy has won over the years many prizes recognized all over the world.

Medical Laboratory Analisys

MEDO’s laboratory is accredited by the National Health Insurance Fund, by RENAR, but also internationally. We make laboratory test at our clinic but also at the patient’s home. The laboratory covers over 200 tests, and the ultra selective analysis could be sent to university laboratories from around the world. The tests include: hematology, biochemistry, electrophoresis, microbiology, allergology, toxicology, cytology, immunology

Center of Permanency for Medical Umergencies

Home Medical Visits

Paid Medical Service
MEDO was the first home medical attendance center in Brasov (Home doctors). Nowadays home consulting is available at the phone number 0268/966, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Home consulting is available even on weekend and holydays. We provide specialist consult, blood collection or special investigations like EKG, ECHO at your home. MEDO’s auto park has big ambulances (B1 and B2 type) …


Promotional Medical Service
If you own a MEDOcard you become a special client with: nonstop available medical services, modern and safe equipment, keeping an eye on your health problems until we solve them, a warm and friendly atmosphere, explains for your treatments, home consults and sampling, speciality consults at our clinic, drivers medical services: laboratory tests, ultrasound scans, EKG, endoscopy, laser therapy, physiotherapy, national and international wide services

Medical Transport

Special Medical Service
Our medical transportation service is ready to respond to all your needs. MEDO’s ambulances and medical transportation units are equipped according to the latest European standards, and offer the patients the comfort and safety they need. Some of our ambulances special features are: air conditioned habitat, vaccumatic stretcher, elevating wheeled cot with adjustable fixing system. – Acces to health
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